A D A M S of L A N E A S T

Within the Parish of Lanest dwelt my Adams or Addams family. Laneast, not listed on map shown, would be just north of Altarnun, west of Launceston and east of Camelford. Now in the Bath family wills they state themselves as being of Badharlink. Whatever was brought or exposed to the Adams family by the marriage with Sarah Bath concerning Badharlink, it must have taken as that is were eventually through John Adam's eldest son's descendants that such as John Couch Adams' family does maked it back to that same Badharlink location to possess there lands and live.


John Adams/Addams and English Chubb/Chub

My 6th Great Grandfather was John Addams/Adams who married English Chubb of Lanest on the 20th of June 1698 as recorded at St. Clether. They are known to have had at least three children as follows:

 John Adams and Joan Hill

My 5th Great Grandfather was John Adams, Yeoman of Laneast. There has been some question as to whom he married first and under what conditions. Once considered that he married Jone Jenkin on the 1st of May 1738 at St Gluvias in order to have the marriage before the birth and baptism of John's first daughter, it now seems that he married 1st Joan Hill, the daughter of Nicholas Hill on the 14 May 1739 at Tremaine. But barring some recording or transcription error, this would mean that he marrieg Joan after the birth and Christening of ?their? daughter English Adams who is of record as being Christian baptism at Laneast on 16 March 1739, making both that baptism and English's birth prior to the said marriage. Perhaps there is other such information which will eventually surface that will give a better explanation. But for now the best that can be donw is naming that John's wife Joan is Joan Hill, the daughter of Nicholas Hill in whose will is named Joan wife of John Adams and such as her children as English, Mary, Elizabeth and John. At any rate the family of John Adams and 'Joan' are as follows:

John Adams and Sarah Bath

Joan, John's first wife died and was buried on the 21st of April, 1750. This John Adams then married my 5th Great Grandmother Sarah Bath of Egloskerry on the 7th of April 1752 at Laneast. Sarah's death and burial is recorded as 6 September 1798 at Laneast, as she is so noted as the wife of John Adams. John and Sarah had four known children as follows:

This John Adams, my 5th Great Grandfather, wrote his will in 1801. This will was proved and dated in 1803, the same year in which he was buried. The will of John Adams is what cements this family unit together by those who are listed there in. For example and amongst others, John lists his daughter Elizabeth Vosper of the Parish of Lewannick, his daughter Sarah Hender of the Parish of Altarnun, his sons John and William Adams, and his idiote daughter Christian Adams. This John Adams, my 5th Great Grandfather, was buried at Laneast on the 4th of February, 1803.


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